All Success Stories:

First Name Positions Description
Austral Algeria Austral corrects erroneous analysis on fast-track project with CAESAR II. 
Agility Norway Agility Group benefits from Intergraph CAESAR II® and Smart™ 3D interface on offshore rig upgrade in North Sea 
Siemens India Siemens saves 500 hours with Intergraph® CAESAR II® for aluminum installation in India 
Austral Diseños Argentina Austral leverages Intergraph CAESAR II® to speed completion of engineering in Argentina 
Empresas Canada Empresas Y&V achieves fast completion and design precision with CADWorx and CAESAR II 
L&T India L&T Valdel enhances project quality and productivity offshore with CAESAR II 
Petrofac Saudi Arabia PETROFAC Saudi Arabia benefits from Intergraph engineering and design collaboration 
Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company Saudi Arabia CAESAR II proves to be an essential tool in Amiantit‘s SHARQ project 
GENPRO Brazil CAESAR II proves to be a valuable tool in Brazil's Nuclear Industry 
METKA Greece CADWorx and CAESAR II Aid Solo METKA Engineer in Producing Accurate Models
Ford, Bacon US “CAESAR II provides the output files in an easy to read and understand format so that even clients with non-engineering backgrounds can understand the end results.” 
Ford, Bacon & Davis US Ford, Bacon & Davis foster training and knowledge with CAESAR II and PV Elite 
Prokon Engineering Turkey “We produced the greatest amount and quality of piping drawings and calculations in the company’s history." 
Mott MacDonald India Mott MacDonald uses CAESAR II with success on pipeline in Papua New Guinea 
Chemical & Industrial Engineering US Chemical & Industrial Engineering Enhances Competitiveness with CADWorx and CAESAR II 
Larsen and Toubro India Larsen and Toubro reduces design cycle times with Intergraph CAESAR II 
Metka Greece By integrating CADWorx for design with CAESAR II for analysis, METKA was able to provide the client with fast, accurate and complete isometric drawing. 
Michael Director of Virtual Design & Construction "CADWorx helped us avoid all the project challenges associated with historic construction such as constructability issues, coordination problems, fabrication errors, and others" 
Gaurav Deputy Chief Engineer "CAESAR II helped us confidently develop our project deliverables and its ISOGEN helped us quickly produce accurate isometric drawings." 
Thiagarajan CEO at Mech-Tech Projects "CADWorx helped us reduce engineering man-hours by 50% while eliminating the need for independent support modules for pipe support or structural design." 
Arunachalam CEO at Mech-Tech "The links between plant design and analysis solutions saved us time and money." 
Hennie Project Director at Tharo Consulting "The ease of use of CAESAR II and ISOGEN software enabled us to deliver successful project results to our client on time." 
Viswanathan Assistant Chief Engineer at Fichtner Consulting "CADWorx helped us resolve our project challenges while ISOGEN was used to produce accurate isometric drawings." 
Farrukh Senior Design Engineer "The detailed technical reference of CAESAR II and its comprehensive support saved us time and enhanced our productivity." 
Valdez Piping Engineering Specialist at IMP "Using both CADWorx and CAESAR II allowed our design and engineering teams to work in a coordinated manner and to produce complex deliverables." 
Kemal Senior Piping Engineer at Petrolinvest "CADWorx and CAESAR II allowed us to develop faster designs and isometric generation. We developed plant designs in only three months." 
Miroslav Piping Team Leader at Capital Engineering "The success with this project was convincing enough for the management to make a decision to use CADWorx as the firm's main design platform." 
John Senior Mechanical Piping Designer at Wardrop, Tetra Tech Company "CADWorx Plant model improved our communications and played an integral role in developing client's trust in us as a company" 
Gu Project Engineer at Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Company "CADWorx Plant Design Suite brought huge rewards and no risks compared to other applications." 
Wade Technical Supervisor at Stantec, USA "The ability to place piping restraints in CADWorx saved us numerous hours because our stress engineers did not have to manually input geometry and support locations within CAESAR II." 
Clint Senior Designer at Erdman Anthony "CADWorx and CAESAR II allowed us to minimize rework and to pre-order materials ahead of time, reducing the cost of materials due to potential price increases." 
Bob CAD Manager at OPC Because CADWorx PIPE had the ability to bi-directionally link to CAESAR II, OPC saved hundreds of engineering and design hours." 
Rob Technical Engineer and CAD Manager at Advantica, UK "We spent just two days creating the 3D pipe work model and then carried out the stress analysis whereas previously, it would have taken us around two weeks."