GT STRUDL® - Steel Design Overview

Comprehensive Steel Design
Structural engineers can perform steel member design and code-checking to meet a large variety of global steel design codes dating back to the 1960s. These details are extensively documented, enabling the engineer to review the details of the code-checking procedures.

With GT STRUDL, engineers can manage the steel member design and code-checking process through a large number of control options, including:

  • Control parameters
  • Specification of absolute and relative geometric constraints
  • Member size smoothing options
  • Automatic analysis and design iterations
International Members Design Codes
In addition to approximately 80 pre-defined tables of steel shapes, engineers may also define and store custom shapes in user-defined tables.

GT STRUDL steel design offers a variety of international steel design codes, including American, European, Canadian, British, and Indian codes for onshore steel frame structures, and American, ISO, and Norwegian codes for offshore jacket design.

Design Capabilities:
  • Structural steel
  • Transmission towers
  • Offshore jackets
  • I, T, channel, single/double angles, pipes, tubes, bars, and others