Paulin Research Group NozzlePRO™ for PV Elite® and CAESAR II®

Why Use NozzlePRO?

NozzlePRO can be used in a variety of tasks. The software provides extra value and accuracy to help you:

  • Analyze stress of nozzles or evaluate allowable loads on nozzles that:
  • Have multiple thermal or operating loads.
  • Are in cyclic service.
  • Fall outside code limits.
  • Deal with pad-reinforced nozzles.
  • Perform FEA when pad-reinforced lugs, clips, or other support are placed on the knuckle radius of a dished head.
  • Analyze horizontal vessels with saddle supports (such as the Zick replacement).
  • Accommodate ASME Section III, Part NH requirements (high-temperature service).
  • Perform a quick, somewhat conservative FFS analysis (API 579).
  • Evaluate overturning moments on vessel skirts.
  • Determine the effect of an integral vs. non-integral pad on a nozzle located on a head.
  • Design pipe shoes for self-weight, liquid weight, and axial loads.