PV Elite® External Interfaces

CADWorx® Equipment

Vessels, tanks or exchangers created in PV Elite can be bi-directionally linked to CADWorx® Equipment module without the loss of information.

For information on CADWorx Equipment, please go to: CADWorx Equipment.

Foundation Design Interface

PV Elite interfaces with Dimensional Solutions' Foundation3D - a comprehensive software solution for the analysis and design of foundations for exchangers, horizontal vessels and tall towers. The interface extracts meaningful information from PV Elite such as equipment geometry, shipping, operating, test weights and such other information required to complete the foundation design of the equipment supports in Foundation3D saving hours of input and design time. To learn more about the interface, download the brochure by clicking on this link, Foundation3D - PV Elite brochure

HTRI Heat Exchanger data Interface

PV Elite can import the Shell and Tube heat exchanger data from the HTRI  software. After the process and thermal design is performed in the HTRI's Xist software, that data can be exported out in a text file (*.dbo) and then imported in to PV Elite. This should reduce errors due to manual transfer and conversion of data. For more information on this this link.

Finite Element Analysis Interface link

CodeCalc (both standalone and included in PV Elite) has an interface to a finite element analysis program Nozzle Pro, developed by Paulin Research Group. This allows users to perform FEA on vessel-nozzle junctions from within the CodeCalc program. The output can also be reviewed within CodeCalc. Users have to purchase Nozzle Pro from Paulin Research Group and set its install path in CodeCalc. The interface is simple but presents lot of capabilities. FEA can be useful in cases where the geometry is outside the range of WRC-107, such as modeling of hillside/tangential/pad-reinforcement nozzles, nozzles on different types of vessels (elliptical, conical) and fatigue evaluation.

For a tutorial on this FEA interface click here.

Maintenance and Inspection life cycle asset Solution

The Visions program from Metegrity Inc. links with CodeCalc. Visions is an enterprise-wide software system that allows a company to track and assess the maintenance and inspection of its process equipment. If customers have both the programs then Visions can invoke CodeCalc in the background to check the integrity of the vessel components.